Traces of Controversial Herbicide Are Found in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ten of 11 samples of Ben & Jerry’s ice creams contained traces of glyphosate — although at levels far below the ceiling set by the Environmental Protection Agency.
New York Times
July 25, 2017

A growing number of foods commonly found in kitchens across America have tested positive for glyphosate, the herbicide that is the main ingredient in the popular consumer pesticide Roundup, which is widely used in agriculture. But few brands on that list are as startling as the latest: Ben & Jerry’s, the Vermont ice cream company known for its family-friendly image and environmental advocacy.

The EPA’s Inspector General Is Probing Whether An Agency Staffer Colluded With Monsanto

The investigation comes in response to documents released in a court case over whether the herbicide glyphosate causes cancer.
Huffington Post
June 6, 2017

The inspector general for the Environmental Protection Agency is initiating a probe into possible collusion between a former high-ranking EPA official and Monsanto, the maker of the herbicide glyphosate, according to a letter the IG sent to a lawmaker last Friday that HuffPost has obtained. […] “As you are aware, there is considerable public interest regarding allegations of such collusion,” wrote Inspector General Arthur A. Elkins Jr. in his response to Lieu, dated May 31. “As a result, I have asked the EPA OIG Office of Investigations to conduct an inquiry into several agency review-related matters.”

Use of Taxotere has been shown to cause permanent hair loss.

Why isn’t more known about it?

If two drugs had relatively similar outcomes, but one caused permanent hair loss, which would you choose?

The answer is clear. But most patients weren’t given that option.

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S.A. Ledlie is a great writer, and survivor. Her book and her support group are helping many.

This was nine years ago and A Head of Our Time now has “a thriving community of monk lookalikes around the world. We even have two members who discovered they were patients from the same clinic with the same oncologist – who told them both he had never seen it happen before!”

Emails Show Michigan Aides Worried About Flint’s Water a Year Before Acting

Emails Show Michigan Aides Worried About Flint’s Water a Year Before Acting
NY Times

A full year before the state took significant action, some top aides to Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan were alarmed at the quality of Flint’s water, with a lawyer for the governor calling the notion of drinking it “downright scary,” newly released emails show. […] Also evident is the officials’ tendency to focus more on avoiding bad publicity over the issue than on mounting questions about the water itself.

Hoverboard Safety Fears Grow as Problems Mount

Hoverboard Safety Fears Grow as Problems Mount
New York Times

[…] Lithium-ion batteries are versatile and lightweight enough to be used in a variety of electronics, including laptops and cellphones, but the hazards of packing so much energy into a compact battery has its drawbacks. […] But, as Wired reported, there is no guarantee that even high-quality batteries won’t catch fire, which means it won’t be easy for consumers to safeguard against hoverboard fires. […]

Map shows where Volkswagen’s extra pollution has the worst impacts in California

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Map shows where Volkswagen’s extra pollution has the worst impacts in California

[…] Volkswagen cheated tests on 11 million diesel cars worldwide by engineering its cars to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide pollutants during testing, even though they release up to 40 times more than what’s sanctioned by EPA standards once they’re on the road. In California, the company sold nearly 200,000 of those cars, which means people here will have to carry the health burdens associated with increased toxic emissions. […]

IVC Filter – Death Or Serious Injuries

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NBC says that the device, which is implanted in thousands of people, was associated with 27 deaths and hundreds of other non-fatal problems after it received FDA clearance. Also, a former CR Bard insider talks about FDA clearance without her signature.

This is a medical animation video that helps explain the danger and problems of IVC Filters: IVC Filter Complications Medical Animation

Ralph Nader’s Tort Law Museum Seeks to Keep His Crusade Evergreen

Ralph Nader’s Tort Law Museum Seeks to Keep His Crusade Evergreen
NY Times

[…] During a tour of the museum before its opening on Sunday, he said he hoped the museum would teach a new generation about the vital benefits of personal injury lawsuits and even, dare it be said, plaintiff lawyers. […] Sales of the book were significantly bolstered, along with Mr. Nader’s public stature, when General Motors admitted it had hired private detectives to follow him and search for apparently nonexistent personal dirt. […]