Bicycle Helmets Not Designed To Protect Against Motor Vehicle Impacts

Unfortunately, many drivers complain whether or not a cyclist is wearing a helmet, but the truth is the bicycle helmet will do little to protect a cyclist from an impact with an automobile. Bicycle Helmets are not designed the way motorcycle helmets are. Bicycle helmets are only designed to protect a rider from fairly trivial falls, to protect your head from a curb or driveway ramp. Hopefully Volvo’s research will yield some major improvements for bicyclist roadway safety.

That bicycle helmets are not currently tested against such impacts will be a revelation to many cyclists and motorists, many of whom erroneously assume that bicycle helmets offer greater protection than they are actually designed to provide.

“Current bike helmet testing procedures are fairly rudimentary,” state Volvo and POC. They involve “helmets being dropped from different heights on either a flat or an angled surface, and do not take into account vehicle to bike accidents.” The tests mimic low-speed falls on to curbs rather than any impacts from motor vehicles. 

Volvo’s ‘World First’ Bicycle-Helmet-Versus-Car Test Flags Helmet Safety Flaws

The Moto Beach Classic Super Hooligan Finale

Dreaming of motorcycle racing – this is a fun short film documenting the 2017 and 2018 RSD Superhooligan National Champion on the finale weekend double header….watch some great riding from this champion and soak in the vibes and sounds. Won’t be long until the 2019 series starts up!

RSD Super Hooligan National Championship in Huntington Beach, CA at the Moto Beach Classic/ Surf City Blitz, rounds 10 and 11 of the 2018 Roland Sands Design Super Hooligan National Championship.

Is L.A.'s traffic the worst in the U.S.? Depends on how you measure it

Is L.A.’s traffic the worst in the U.S.? Depends on how you measure it
LA Times

[…] Other top-ranked freeway bottlenecks include: the northbound 101 from downtown to Sherman Oaks; the eastbound 10 Freeway from Santa Monica to downtown; and three sections of the 5 between Irvine and downtown Los Angeles.

The severity of L.A.-area rush-hour delays remained greater than in any other city. […]

Drivers for Uber, Lyft are not part of Vision Zero safety training in SF

Drivers for Uber, Lyft are not part of Vision Zero safety training in SF

San Fransisco Examinor

[…] The bike coalition provided specialized pedestrian and bicycle safety training to over 1,800 drivers in 2014. That included new taxi drivers, trash collectors, and even the infamous commuter shuttle drivers who ferry around Google and Genentech workers, among others. […]

San Diego County Roads, Bridges Need Billions In Repairs

San Diego County Roads, Bridges Need Billions In Repairs

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

City News Service

[…] The “California Local Streets & Roads Needs Assessment 2014 Update” estimates that $7.2 billion is required for road and bridge repair in San Diego County over the next 10 years. […] The biennial report — a collaboration between the California State Association of Counties, the League of California Cities and the state’s regional transportation planning agencies — found that pavement conditions statewide are declining, and current funding levels are insufficient to properly fix or maintain streets, roads, bridges, sidewalks, storm drains and traffic signs. […]

3 More Celebrity Motorcycle Accidents (with Important Lessons for Recent San Diego Crash Victims)

If you’ve recently been in a San Diego motorcycle accident – or if a friend or family member got hurt – the last thing you probably want to do is to read about other scary motorcycle crashes.

But examining celebrity accidents can be useful, because this exercise can teach us vivid safety lessons. To that end, let’s look at three more celebrity bike accidents:

1. Gary Busey, helmet skeptic, becomes helmet advocate after brain injury inducing crash.

Actor Gary Busey is known for portraying wild, iconic characters. He “lived wild” off the screen as well. In 1988, he horrifically crashed his new Harley-Davidson in Culver City, California. According to legend, Busey landed right in front of a police officer, who used Busey’s own gloves to staunch the head wound until rescue workers arrived. Doctors thought the actor would be permanently brain damaged, but Busey pulled through.

It took him several years, however, to pivot on his stance about helmets.

In 2001, Busey told the press: “riding without a helmet is a gamble everyone is bound to lose.” Recent doctor exams, however, suggest that Busey suffered more brain damage than anyone realized – and that these injuries may have contributed to the actor’s substance abuse issues.

Lesson: head injury recovery is unpredictable. Err on the side of caution, and take all head injuries very seriously. Often, doctors can prevent/stop brain trauma, if it’s identified very early.

2. Ann Margret, 1960’s sex icon, bounces back after a big crash in 2000.

In August, 2000, 59-year-old Ann Margret hit what she called “sugar sand” on a road in Brainerd, Minnesota. She came down hard on the grass. The crash fractured her left shoulder and she fractured three ribs. But she managed to pull herself together enough to serve as the Grand Marshal of a National Hot Rod Association Event the next day. She waved to hundreds and thousands of people (with her arm in a sling!), smiling despite her recent brush with death.

Lesson: sometimes, motorcycle accident victims just get lucky.

3. Ben Roethlisberger’s 2006 motorcycle crash hits “Big Ben” harder than a defensive lineman.

In 2006, the City of Pittsburgh collectively gasped in horrordismay, when Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, smashed up his motorcycle, incurring a head gash and broken jaw and nose. The collective concern turned to anger, once Steelers fans learned that “Big Ben” hadn’t been wearing a helmet and didn’t have his license with him.

Lesson: avoid playing fast and loose with the law. Wear your helmet. Carry your driver’s license with you. Follow all safety and maintenance procedures. In addition to protecting you physically, these actions can also protect you financially from fines, fees and license suspension.

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